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Mechanical processing

The production is specialized in the machining of mechanical parts from raw moulded parts or from bars starting from customer's drawing or sample, for small and medium production batches.
The company is also specialized in the mechanical processing of ball joints with dedicated lines interfaced with automated profile and crack control systems.
Presence of Transfert lines with 5 stations and 8 machining units including 3 turning units. Possibility of feeding through the use of 6-axis Robot or manual.
Each production line can be implemented with statistical process control tools such as SPC.

Housing machining
n° 5 - CNC transfert machines - 2 feeded by robot system
n° 4 - CNC transfert machines for inner threads feeded by robot system
n° 3 - CNC bar turret lathe, (12 tooling, maximum bar Ø 52 - 65 mm) 3 with automatic bar feeder
n° 2 - CNC lathe with automatic feeder
n° 3 - Automatic welding machines
n° 4 - CNC horizontal machining center (2 pallets, 36 tooling)
n° 1 -CNC transfert machines (5 station, 7 operating units)
n° 1 - CNC special machining center (5 pallets, 4 operating units each one with automatic tool change, 12 tools)
Ball pin machine
n° 3 - CNC lathe with automatic feeder and burnishing tool for ball pin 100% laser control of ball and shaft diameter
n° 1 - CNC lathe with automatic feeder and burnishing tool for ball pin
n° 2 - CNC lathe with automatic feeder
Threading department
n° 6 - roll forming thread machine (1 CNC)
Surface finishing department
n° 2 - Shot blasting machines
n° 4 - Smoothing mill machines
Assembling department
n° 11 - Assembling lines
n° 14 - automatic machine for dust cover assembling (11 automatic machine)
n° 5 - dedicated press for silent-blocks assembly
Packing and wharehouse
n° 2 - automatic packing lines for plastic bags
n° 2 - automatic packing line for boxes
Possibility to carry out different heat and surface treatments (such as Induction Hardening, Zinc Plating, Burnishing, Painting, etc.)